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Last updated: February 22nd, 2017
Waxed and wanked. Lovely bisexual Maxi learns the tough way on these next free boynapped videos by the hands of the perverted Ashton Bradley, that loves simply the sound of boy’s cries for whim. On the next update, Waxed & wanked, there isn’t a minute when Maxi does not know if he should whimper in pain or perhaps moan in pleasure. Watch this slutty boy deepthroating cock till he cums. We also want to add that this little video is to serve as a little thank you in commemoration of us delivering some very hot and sexy boy napped scenes to you guys every week. So without due let’s get started.

Maxi is back once more for this one and he’s joined by Aston this time. As you know Maxi is the submissive type and Ashton always likes to be the one to lead. So just kick back and watch as Maxi will be getting his ass drilled by a big cock once more. But this time he had to work a it for it at first. Ashton needs him to take care of his big cock, so you get to see him suck and slurp on that cock as he deep throats it to Ashton’s great delight. Enjoy it and remember to check out the past updates for some more sexy buddies that get to have fun everyone!

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Boy napped video

Sex and a straitjacket. Lovely little Aaron Aurora gets teased & humiliated on the next boy napped video by slutty Leroy Dale. Tied in a straitjacket there is nothing poor Aaron can do as he is forced to suck cock. Once having enough of this hole, Leroy moves on to the other hole – the asshole – and offers him a proper pounding before ending the job and exploding his jizzload over Aaron’s face. The next free boynapped video is a must see. So let’s not waste anymore time with the introductions, and let’s just get to see this superb scene unfold with these studs today.

Aaron is back this fine day as you can see and he’s up for some more nice and hot anal treatments from his buddy this fine day today. You get to see the superb stud as he gets bound in a straight jacket as his fuck buddy gets to have his way with his ass and cock for the whole afternoon. They adore to fuck, just like the guys from chaosmen galleries. So sit back and watch him as he gets bent over and anally fucked hard style. You can bet that he adores the treatment as you’ll see him moan in pleasure as the sexy stud Leroy sinks his dick deeper and deeper in his ass for this scene today. Goodbye and see you guys soon! For similar videos, click here!

Holes in one

Getting bound real tight with no chance to run, poor Maxi Gerard finds him self on the receiving end of big Leroy Dale’s dick in the next update. After being anchored down to the floor having his butt in the air, Maxi can’t decide which craving hole he’s going to fuck first. Leroy Dale takes turns shoving his cock down Maxi’s tight throat and hammering Maxi’s tight asshole, till he shoots his load all over the room. Maxi was in for some nice treatment for his ass as you can see so let’s just sit back and watch them as these gay buddies have their little fuck fest for the afternoon.

Maxi is a very cock hungry stud, and that only meant that Leroy could get to fuck his little tight ass as much as he wanted to for this superb scene today. He bound Maxi’s hands to the floor, and had him staying in a nice bent over position as he had full access to that fine ass today. And see him as right from the start he goes balls deep in Maxi’s ass. He is crazy about sucking and fucking, just like the guys from the Male Kingdom site! Maxi himself started to moan in pleasure and very soon he started to beg Leroy to go faster and harder. Watch horny Maxi as he gets his tight ass fucked fast and hard from behind in this superb and hot scene today. Bye guys!


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Kenzie Madison boynapped

Wax, Ice, and Golden Showers. Gorgeous Kenzie Madison boynapped allows his cold heart complete all the raw action in this chilling boy napped video. He utilizes ice to cool Calvin’s body just before heating him back again by pouring very hot wax all over his ripped body. These quick changes make poor Calvin twist n’ turn, revealing his muscles. Kenzie then uses more of Calvin’s poor body by attaching a pump to his male organ and pulls it to it maximum capacity. When Kenzie is finished he sends in perverted Ashton Bradley to end this humiliation with a warm golden shower. Click here and watch the video without further due everyone.


The scene starts with the sexy Calvin as he gets bound and tied up nicely to the wooden beam in the back ground. And after that Kenzie unbuttons his shirt and takes off his pants and underwear to reveal his cock as well. Then he takes a nice cock pump and puts it on Calvin’s cock as the guy is already eager to get pleased. But that’s not all. As Kenzie works the pump to make the stud feel good, he also pours hot wax on the guy’s body intensifying his pleasure tenfold. So just relax and watch this superb gay sex scene today with these two hot hunks. If you liked this update and you’re looking for similar galleries, click here and enjoy watching other great hardcore gay sex videos and pics, or enter the gay spanking blog and see some hot twinks getting their round asses spanked!

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Toy Boy

Slutty Skylar Blu is back on and using his finest asset, his bum. With a large collection of sextoys, Ashton Bradley wastes virtually no time in making the slutty boy napped moan. The sextoys get bigger and bigger and also the screams. The humiliation and the abuse carries on with Skylar getting forced to urine in his mouth before having his dick jerked dry.Check out as this blonde lad gets stretched to the limits by a fat dildo. And rest assured that you will get to see him moan in pleasure as his firend has his fun fucking his tight ass with that big rubber cock in this scene.

Skylar said the her just adores the feeling of being tied up while someone else stuffs things in his ass and plays with his cock. So we paired him with Ashton who is a master at using sex toys to please other dudes. Sit back and watch these hot guys next door in action and see Skylar as he gets bound and then watch him getting a nice hand job from Ashton to get things started nicely. After he blows his load all over himself, Ashton has more nice things for him to experience as he pulls out a nice and big dildo and starts to fuck Skylar in the ass with it as deep as he can. Have fun everyone and enjoy the show!


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Luke Desmond boynapped

Mylo Jordan and Luke Desmond.
Tied to a chain nude, Mylo Jordan gets instantly hard when Luke Desmond boynapped begins spanking his bum. Luke also rims Mylo’s asshole, getting it all set for his massive cock, and makes his captive mate to blow his dick so it gets rock solid. Then its directly into some boy napped hardcore ass-pounding, with the two males in standing positions for the anal assault. We know just how much you guys love seeing other studs try their hands at BDSM and this fine afternoon we have two new recruits in the said art that want to experience the pleasure that they get.


These two hot guys got quickly to work as the one named Mylo gets his hands bound. Luke did try BDSM before as you’ve seen him in a previous update that we had, but he’s still pretty much fresh, just like Kristen Bjorn! But that doesn’t mean that he can’t learn more. Watch as he takes off his pants and kneels down starting to rub his big cock, while he also helps Mylo get off too. So basically you get to see the horny hunk Luke as he jerks off himself while also doing a nice hand job for Mylo as well. Enjoy this jerk off session everyone, and see the guys blowing their loads all over the place in this scene today!

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BoyNapped clips

Body of Work
Hairy, sculpted hottie Sean Saint offers himself to Adam Watson in this boynapped clips video. With his extraordinary body on full screen, Sean is offered a perfect handjob and suckjob from his lover – it would be real hard to keep your fingers off him. This sexy stud named Sean simply adores the feeling of light pain as he gets his cock taken care of. And who better to fill that task than none other than Adam Watson. Rest assured that Adam knows exactly what Sean is looking for when he has a fuck session and he intended to fully cater to his needs today.

So in this great clothed male naked male gallery Sean gets all tied up to a table and blindfolded. And then he asks Luke to use clippers all offer his hot body to get him to feel that sensation that he just loves. Watch as then Luke begins to work his superb magic on Sean’s cock, as he starts to slowly kiss and lick on it as it gets harder and bigger by the moment. Luke himself is quite kinky as he then takes it in his mouth wanting to feel his fuck buddy getting bigger in his mouth. So relax and sit back and watch Sean as he gets his big and rock hard cock sucked deep by his good buddy Luke in this nice update today!


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Boy Napped – Masterful Flogging

Dangling in mid-air, Chad Chambers uncut, large cock hangs down in perfect position for getting milked by Luke Desmond in the next boy napped video. After having him firm, Luke lets Chad up there so that we can see that superbly smooth body as he jerks him dry even more and flogs him to guarantee a mixture of pleasure and pain. Well as this is a hot little BDSM scene you can expect allot of harsh punishment. But not to worry as the sexy Chad is here for that precise reason today. HE just needs to get off on his boyfriend treating him harshly and lucky for you he wants to show off too.


Well that’s not a problem, as we always have cameras ready to shoot the superb scenes that these gay guys have. His boyfriend Luke is going to take care really nicely of his body today as he makes his feel pain as well as pleasure for this sexy scene. Watch as Chad gets bound with his arms lifted up in the air while Luke does his thing and starts to tease his cock as much as he can today. You can rest easy that eventually he started to jerk him off properly and let him blow his big jizz load all over the place as a reward for being such a good little man slut today. Enjoy it everyone! Also you might enter the extra big dicks site and see some big cocked dudes having sex!

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BoyNapped – Wax Shower

Poor Daniel Johnson stands tied to a wall, on these fresh boynapped videos with his huge dick surrounded by blond pubes for all to see. It really is a big temptation for perverted Ashton Bradley that sets on the sexy, ripped boy napped with very hot wax that burns his beautiful body on camera. Daniel gets lucky in the end because he gets sucked dry by his slutty boyfriend. Well it seems that last week’s scene was quite a success with all the wax sex session that went down. So for this nice update all of you demanded to see more of just that. So we delivered some more as you wanted.

And in addition to that we also have this scene with some hot bondage too. Daniel, like we said, gets himself all bound and tied up while his little fuck buddy gets to have his fun with his simply adorable body. He gets stripped naked, and you get to see his nice cock as well as his friend teases him too. But the thing you cant miss seeing is how Daniel gets to be covered in hot wax as his friend makes his body feel nice pouring it all hot on his body today. So just sit back and watch the two sexy studs as they have their fun for this afternoon. We’ll be back next week with some more! If you can’t wait until the next week’s update click here and enjoy watching other hot guys fucking!


Watch Daniel getting first tortured and then serviced!

Wax Punishment

Sexy Jonny Parker goes to Aiden Jason, bent him over a ladder, and practically rips the t-shirt off his back so that he can get at his skin for a crazy wax session. That’s what you’ll get on the next update. Soon after imposing the very hot pain on his nude back, he screws Aiden in which he stands for the ultimate act of humiliation. Enjoy as this sexy twink gets punished with wax before being hammered hard. And since we know that you guys are quite an eager bunch, let’s sit back and enjoy the show that these sexy studs will put on for you guys.


Jonny and Aiden always seem to get the weirdest time to try their new fetishes, but we know that these horny buddies like to show off, and we also know that you guys love to see them get to show off just what new thing they tried out. As you can see in this nice boynapped scene, the two got around to trying some nice wax for their little fuck this afternoon, and the result was simply amazing for both of them. If you want to see what went down, just relax and enjoy watching these two horny hunks as they pour hot was on one another and see them fucking all over the place for today!

Enjoy as this UK twink gets punished with hot wax!

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